Creative and Classy Christmas Mail Ideas

6 Stunning and Classy Christmas Mail Ideas

With the crazy year we’ve been having, one thing remains sure – Christmas mail is still worthwhile, especially in these unprecedented times! This year more than ever, it’s important to take the time to reach out to those we love with memorable and creative Christmas mail ideas. Whether you use a professional photographer or pull a snap from your iPhone, it’s a good year to put some extra time into your Christmas cards. Here are six beautiful ways to update the look and feel of your holiday greetings.

While you’re taking the time to send Christmas cards, this might also be a fun year to dress them up a bit. Consider these timeless Christmas mail ideas to elevate the charm of your holiday greetings.

1. Throwback to Sealing Wax

Wax seals pressed onto an envelope look so elegant, especially during the season of lights. Choose a special holiday wax stamper and colors of traditional sealing wax to embrace the charm of the past. To use traditional sealing wax, you simply melt the wick of the wax stick and allow a few drops to drip onto a sealed envelope. Swiftly press down onto the wax droplets with a brass or metal wax stamper to emboss with your desired design. You may find beautiful and classy designs such as bells, a wreath, a tree, a snowflake, snowman, or other beloved symbols for the holiday.

Christmas Mail Ideas - Sealing Wax with Blue Snowflakes

If you find traditional wax stamps to be too tedious, you can also use colored hot glue sticks in a similar manner. (Don’t forget to make sure you have the right size hot glue gun!) It’s a little less nostalgic but still transforms your Christmas mail into the most gorgeous greetings!

2. Elevate with an Embosser

A custom address embosser leaves an ultra-classy touch to your Christmas mail. Ideas for enhanced Christmas mail mostly all center around those little special finishing touches, and this is one that you’ll enjoy for years to come. (Until you move, at least!) When you get your own custom embosser, you can order different plates to use with it. Alternatively, you could get a custom self-inking rubber stamp for your holiday addressing needs. You can find cute address stamps with Christmas trees and other designs suitable for winter use!

3. Dazzle with Hand-Painted Envelopes

If your Christmas mailing list is relatively small, consider hand-painting your recipients’ envelopes with beautiful holiday designs. This is one of those Christmas mail ideas you can scale as simple or as grandiose as you like. Something as simple as a hand-painted poinsettia or holly leaf can absolutely brighten someone’s day. They’ll be sure to smile knowing you spent the extra time.

Hand-Painted Watercolor Envelopes for Holiday Mail

4. Include a Personalized Letter

Years ago, some friends of ours used to include a Christmas letter. The note gave an update on the family with a line or two about each person. It reminded us of the kids’ ages, something about the pets, and general holiday greetings. I know life’s been busy and we’ve seen fewer Christmas cards each year, let alone holiday letters.

Personalized letters are one of the most timeless Christmas mail ideas. You can make it a very simple process, actually. Get some cool holiday letterhead or printer stationery and type up your letter in Microsoft Word or your desired app. Put the special paper in your printer, print the number of copies you need, and voila! You’re all set to send a more personal holiday greeting. And now is as good a time as ever to bring back the family update Christmas card letters!

5. Add a few wallet-sized photos

If you have school photos to share, or any others—like sports photos, gymnastics, or even personal snapshots, now is a great time to double dip for your postage price! Even if you didn’t get around to professional photos this year, you can still order wallet-sized photos conveniently through Walmart and other photo labs. This is one of the best Christmas mail ideas because your parents and friends are going to love it!

6. Anything Goes with the Kids

Joyful sentiments center around children this time of year! Let the kids decorate the Christmas mail to their hearts’ content. Anything goes – watercolors, markers, crayons, glitter, colored pencils, and beyond. The most stunning Christmas mail ideas will be the ones your kids discover. Give them a list and let them take charge of designing and decorating each envelope. They may have so much fun that they decide to help you put on stamps, too!

We hope you like these Christmas mail ideas to make your holiday greetings a little more special in a crazy year. Your family and friends are sure to love the extra time and thought you put into your cards.

Now about that Santa photo….

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